Silt has many beautiful parks and fields spread throughout town for residents and visitors to enjoy!


The Community Garden in Silt is located at the northern extension of the Cactus Valley Ditch. Deeded to the Town in 1984, the .28-acre community garden is adjacent to Community Center Park. The Town leases plots measuring approximately 10’ x 10’ to interested parties annually for $15. A volunteer in the community serves as a quasi-manager, assigning plots and enforcing maintenance rules on lessees. Contact the Town of Silt for questions about the Community Garden.


The Stoney Ridge Pavilion, Skate Park, and Ball Field are located on a 12.21-acre parcel located east 7th Street south of the Eagles View and Stoney Ridge Developments.


Stoney Ridge Pavilion is the go-to spot for live performances in town and includes a large stage and a green room to the east of the Pavilion stage, which includes a bathroom, small kitchen, and main room. The park also features a skate park, 16-hole disc golf course, and two horseshoe pits. The Stoney Ridge Ballfield is a Little League regulation field with chain link dugouts, batting cages, clay infield, grass outfield, and chain link backstop, and an electronic scoreboard.

The Stoney Ridge Ball Field is also used as a seating and vending area for special events. This location is a picturesque and acoustically suitable area that draws attendees from the state of Colorado and other neighboring states. The primary use of the field, however, is youth baseball and softball, but it is also used for Pee Wee Football and soccer practice when needed.

The Roy Moore Gymnasium and soccer field occupy a 7.24-acre parcel located north of Orchard Avenue at the northern terminus of 9th Street. The Re-2 School District owns and operates the building for storage purposes, and the Town leases the property surrounding the gymnasium from the school district for recreational purposes, such as soccer, recreational event parking, baseball, softball, and basketball.
The Spruce Meadows Park is located within the Spruce Meadows Development south of Harness Lane and west of 1st Street. This 1.83 acre neighborhood park features a large playground structure, an open-air shelter, two picnic tables, a bathroom facility with a toilet and sink, and a half basketball court.
Tara Park is a 1.35-acre neighborhood park located on the western extension of Home Avenue, within the Tara Development.  The park features a play structure, small toddler play structure, and picnic tables.
The Mesa View Estates Park is located at the northern end of Redtail Lane within the Mesa View Estates Subdivision and is .75 acres in size. The park features a medium sized play structure, slides, and a swing set (3 swings) on a compacted pea gravel base. There’s a wood shelter attached to a concrete surface and two picnic tables. The grassy areas are perfect for ball-throwing and frisbee-throwing!
Eagles View Park is a 12.63-acre park located north of 1st Mesa Drive and west of Eagles Nest Drive. The park includes an open grassy area, steel fitness equipment, a large play structure, a plastic toddler play area, a swing set (6 swings), three park benches, and a covered picnic area.
The Flying Eagle Park and Soccer Field is a 2.55-acre community park parcel located north of Grand Avenue, west of 16 Street, and south of Orchard Avenue. The park includes U6 & U8 soccer fields, large playground equipment, a swing set (4 swings), and a full basketball court with asphalt surface.
The Painted Pastures Park is a neighborhood park located east of North Overo Boulevard in the Painted Pastures Subdivision.  The park includes both small and medium playground structures, wood shelter, and four parking spaces.

Scherar Park is a small .27-acre neighborhood park located north of Main Street and the western end of Fawn Court. The park features a wooden shelter, picnic tables, and a covered park bench. The park’s landscaping is mature with sod, trees, and shrubs – which creates a nice and relaxing atmosphere.

Scherar Park is named for a World War II war veteran and Town father, Ray Scherar, who served on the 1950s Board of Trustees that approved the installation of permanent ductile iron water distribution lines throughout much of the downtown, replacing the former wood water lines installed in the early 1920s. Mr. Scherar’s legacy also includes serving as a founding member of the Town’s first volunteer fire department.

Veterans’ Park is a 1.5-acre community park that features a wooden gazebo, wood-frame shelter, and trails on the south, north, and west sides of the park. The park also has a granite memorial bench and a lighted flagpole in a concrete base.
Residential area in the Town of Silt
Gateway Park is a .81-acre parcel located north of Main Street and southeast of the Pioneer Drive cul-de-sac. This property has mature landscaping and a few trails.
Community Center Park is a full block of property located between 4th Street and 5th Street, diagonal to Veterans’ Park. Over the years, the Town improved the property with a full basketball court, tennis courts, swing sets, a sand-volleyball court and net, multiple playground structures, picnic shelters, picnic tables, wooden benches, and bicycle racks. On-street parallel parking surrounds the park, and there are five asphalt regular off-street parking spaces and one asphalt handicapped off- street parking space on the east side of the park.

This 1.61-acre park serves mainly the Center Townhome residents but is also used by visitors of the adjacent motel. The park includes two climbing structures, see-saws, a digging apparatus, and spring toys. The park also has a picnic table.