One of the best things that you can do for our community is to Shop Local!

The best way to Shop Local in Silt is to patronize local businesses. Our amazing local business owners not only provide our community with necessary goods and services, they also provide a vital revenue stream for sales tax dollars. Of the Town of Silt’s 3% sales tax, 1% is obligated by Municipal Code to be spent on street repair and improvement. The rest is spent in a variety of ways to support the quality of life in Silt.
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Wild Roots, a local business in Silt, Colorado.
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The Whimsical Wagon, a local shop in Silt, Colorado.
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Wild Coffee Roasters is located in Silt, Colorado.

What if you can’t find what you need at one of our local businesses?

The next best option is to Shop Online. Every time you make an online purchase, the online merchant is required to collect local sales tax, which benefits our community!

Here are some examples of how shopping local has benefitted the Silt Community:

Street Improvements
Sidewalk/Path Replacement
Park Improvements
Playground Replacement
Street Sweeper
Pedestrian Bridge Design
Town Vehicles
Youth Sports/Recreation
Town Employee Salaries and Benefits
Town Facilities
(Town Hall, Stoney Ridge Pavilion, Town Center, Public Works Facility, etc.)
Board of Trustees
Downtown Décor/Improvements